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Welcome Message

Dear visitors,
on behalf of the Chamber of Deputies I would like to welcome you on our website, a technological door that is always wide open to any information on the life of our institution and to its documentation and research sources. The website is meant to ensure the greatest possible transparency, establish direct linkage between parliamentarians and voters and make parliamentary activities known to Italian citizens as well as to the numerous citizens of other countries living in Italy or interested in our country.

Our website reflects the functioning of the Chamber: the work of individual MPs, of the Plenary or of Committees can be followed on a daily basis. Audio/video live broadcast of plenary sittings is also available. Every MP and the Administration can be contacted via e-mail.

The website contains all parliamentary documents and all the laws approved, also by previous Parliaments: their search can be carried out through updated search engines and data banks.

Our website provides access to the Library catalogues, to the press review and to the specialised documents drafted by the Chamber's Administration. Updated information on the special events organised by the Chamber and open to the public (institutional events, exhibitions, conferences) is also published on the website.

In spite of its being large and articulated, the website is easily surfable through various applications and tools, which make search activities easier for anybody.

The Library of the Chamber is open to the public: in its two sites, Via del Seminario 16 and Via del Parlamento 4, it provides assistance for research activities based on the website of the Chamber and on the main institutional sites.

We are proud of the very high number of hits received by our website every day, but we are committed to improving our performance. The Chamber of Deputies is willing to be more effectively open to the requests for information coming from our citizens.

Indeed, I am convinced that information technologies are of vital importance today to achieve enhanced democratic participation and I really hope that they will pave the way for civil, cultural and social progress. Fausto Bertinotti